This AMR system can be integrated with any meter which gives din pulse output where 1 unit ≥ 500 pulses (For accuracy purpose) and it shows the consumption unit of electricity. The meter must be BIS approved consumer meter. Furthermore, it should not be either panel meter or meter in which any device or programmable component is hidden.


DCU (data concentrator unit):

Hardware for 12 meters is clubbed in one DCU. So, each DCU is able to cater 12 meters. Rationing the load for mains/DG and exercising the power to limit the consumer’s load when it exceeds the sanctioned limit. It also interdicts the 2 way communication between Meter & Server.


Server and Software:


  1. It is the brain of the system where the process of collecting, processing, analyzing and calculating the data is done. It is the Server which gives primary command to DCU for automation. Minimum required

  2. Processor – Core 2 Duo or higher

  3. 2 GB RAM

  4. 500 GB SATA HDD CD ROM Drive.


  • Front End: Developed using .Net technology
  • Back End: Access, SQL Server or Oracle as required.
  • Reporting: Crystal Report



Disconnection contactor is an important part of Radius automatic meter reading system and it is located outside the meter for disconnecting the electricity. Once theamount recharged gets exhausted, server gives command to DCU which in turn gives command to Disconnection Contactor and the supply of electricity get disconnected.



It enables both the system and customers to interact with each other.

  1. Facilitates revision of Tariff for Grid / DG with auto intimation to consumers through IVRS.

  2. Automated reminders through IVRS.

  3. Automated complaint logging through IVRS.